Dr Light

Feeling Special Light.

Introducing Dr. LIGHT.

Dr. LIGHT is a management device to care from normal skin to acne skin and atopic skin using high performance LED light composed of three wavelengths. Dr. LIGHT is easy to carry through folding leg structure.


Features +
1. Structural Features

  • Structure of the dome shape for focus the LED light to the inside
  • Broad management region including face, neck and scalp

2. LED Level control

  • LED level: 0~4 (0 level : LED off)
  • Possible combinations of two or more LED light
  • Can be applied various combination depending on the patient’s condition
  • The final setting parameters automatically saved

3. High quality LED

  • LED panel components: 15 pieces
  • Independent LED panel structure for simple A / S available

4. Folding leg structure

  • Keeping and moving to the folded state
Effects +

Combination effects of Red, Blue and Infrared light

  • Soothing skin problems
  • Regulation of excessive sebum secretion
  • Activation of the active ingredient
  • Acceleration of blood circulation
  • Thermal effect through absorption of light energy
  • Skin cell regeneration