APM PRO 100 For Skin Analysis

Extra Features +

Customise the results page to display the product brands that you sell or recommend in your salon or clinic.

Amazing capabilities that help you sell your whole line of skin care products. Choose a test to perform and get instant results that will shock your customers and make them believe their treatment and product needs. You can use the device to store all clients details.

Before and After. Side by Side

The feature allows you to compare the skin condition before and after a treatment to establish true customer amazement and belief in your products.

Compare to a database

Skintronics APM 100 features a baseline photos database. These stored images can be presented side by side with the customer’s taken images to show a relative good, average and a bad scored examples.

4” Multi-Touch Screen

Skintronics APM 100 is an independent mobile device equipped with a bright 4” multi-touch screen. The brilliant display and the gorgeous design is what make the APM 100 a complete self-contained suite that offers the perfect balance of mobility and size. These unique features produce endless opportunities to generate sale interactions on the go.

Step by Step Guide +
  1. Start: Offer your customer a free skin test
  2. Select the test: Select which test to perform. 7 Tests are available
  3. Take a picture: Take a picture of the skin using Skintronics
  4. Analyse & Results: Skintronics APM 100 analyses the picture and presents instant results and score
  5. Match Products: Sell the appropriate skin care products that match the customers needs.
Available Tests +

7 Available Tests

  • Moisture
  • Sebum
  • Pore
  • Acne
  • Wrinkle
  • Hemoglobin / Sensitivity
  • Melanin