Dried Bio Cellulose Technology

100% naturally formed from coconut extract

Formulated with the finest 8 red ingredients from Korea and all over East Asia, each mask contains the divine fusion of miracle ingredients that have been used for centuries.

AHA Illuminating

Opal-like illumination worthy of admiration

+1 Feature Ingredient: LICORICE ROOT

Contains several beneficial active compounds: glabridin diminishes discolouration and evens skin tone; licochalcone balances oil; glycyrrhizin not only regulates and reduces redness and inflammation , but also enhances deeper penetration of itself and other active ingredients.

Applying time: 20 – 30 minutes

Categories: 8+1 Complex Serum, Illuminating

Radiant Lifting

Our gift to you is a swift lift.

+1 Feature Ingredient: BLACK HOOF MUSHROOM

Contains rich antioxidants like hispidin: provides vitamin C equivalent effects and anti-aging through complexion smoothing. Other beneficial active compounds clear free radicals; methanoextractsfight bacteria; and beta 1-3 glucansstrengthen and boost overall skin immunity.

Applying Time: 30-40 minutes.
Categories: 8+1 Complex Serum, Hydrating

Ultra Hydrating

Ocean-like hydration for your skin’s vacation.

+1 Feature Ingredient: APRICOT KERNEL

Contains a high content of beneficial vitamins and fatty acids: vitamin A and vitamin E repair skin tissue and retain elasticity; gamma linoleic acid from essential fatty acid omega-6 plumps visibly, maintains skin-deep moisture balance, and soothes minor skin irritations.

Applying Time: 30-40 minutes
Categories: 8+1 Complex Serum, Hydrating

Porefect Cleansing

Open the door to porefect porcelain skin.

+1 Feature Ingredient: PURSLANE

Contains beneficial antioxidants such as: vitamin A and vitamin C,E co-enzyme Q10,as well as omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids ; These all work together to balance and purify the skin, and stimulate the healing and prevention of blemishes by minimizing pores.

Applying Time: 50-60 minutes
Categories: 8+1 Complex Serum, Cleansing