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Aram Huvis

Aram Huvis was established in 2002 . They supply over 30 countries and is available in different languages. With their High Technology & Experience they are recognized by Global Leading Cosmetic Companies & Research Institutes.

Aram Huvis hold Leading Edge Technology in Skin Analysis Systems and have developed their own analyzer Software. With their Unique & Powerful Software Development they have won global recognition in Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

API 100

The Aram Huvis API 100 skin analysing device is a mobile diagnostic system that a doctor, therapist or aesthetician can use to show their clients a deeper look into their skin. This device will show the following: Hydration, Elasticity, Sebum, Acne, Pores, Melanin and Hemoglobin. It will identify the need for corrective cosmetic skincare or treatments transforming the skin into the best possible condition. The only thing left will be to match the correct skincare to address their unique need, translating into a sale.

APM 100

The Aram Huvis APM 100 is an independent Mobile Device. It can be connected to a existing computer screen, iPad or tablet. It is linked with a App that is available from the App Store or Google Play. It is simple, intuitive and ready for use. It has a series of precision magnifying lenses with 16 LED flash lights and a unique UV light to provide the images for a state of the art analyser. With its revolutionary software development, it is a great asset to any salon or clinic.

API 203

The Aram Huvis API 203 hair analysing device is a moblie diagnostic system that a hairdresser can utilise. This device will show your client the following on their scalp: Hair loss status, hair thickness, Hair pore status, cuticle status. It will identify the need for corrective haircare or treatments transforming the hair into the best possible condition. The only thing left will be to match the correct haircare to address their unique need, which will translate into a sale.